Isis Internet Technology Solutions Business Processes

Welcome to Isis Internet Technology Solutions

We are a full scale web and internet solutions company that specializes in Consulting, Design, Development/Customization, Database Management & Development, Marketing Strategies, Social Media and Hosting.  We have the ability, knowledge, tools and resources to help you become successful with your web presence.

Who is Isis Internet Technology Solutions?

Our Company Mission
Using internet/web technologies and best practices to have a positive impact on organizations internet based business strategies, goals and RIO.
The Isis Internet Philosophy
We are here for you.  Internet/Web technology is our passion.  We are happiest when we have the opportunity to share our knowledge on the latest technology and trends with you to positively impact your web strategy.
The Isis Internet Promise
We won’t leave when the job is done.  We are your partner and are invested in your success.  We stay with you to further enhance and develop your web presence for years to come.
We Can Deliver On Projects
Your success is our success.  We have a proven track record of delivering on our projects within budget and time.

Our Crazy Skills

WordPress 100%
ColdFusion 100%
Project Management/Consulting 100%
Windows/Linux Hosting 95%
Domain Maintenance/Renewal 95%
Design 90%
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 90%
Social Media Strategies 90%
CRM Integration (iMIS, NetForum, MemEx, etc.) 90%


Meet Our Team

Sharon Dexter
Sharon Dexter
Sharon has been involved in internet/web technologies for over 12 years.  She started Isis Internet Technology Solutions in 2009 and has immersed herself in the latest technologies and best practices for web and mobile.  She’s a “geek” at heart and uses this to her advantage when strategizing for the perfect solution for your needs.

Rex Dexter
Rex Dexter
Rex is our “behind the scenes” technical expert on server and related IT needs. Rex is an Army veteran and has an extensive background in secure communications, servers, IT protocols and trouble shooting. He’s also your “go to guy” for any secure technical needs, golf swing and club advise.

The Team
The Team
The best of the best. Our team of designers and developers are hand picked to work on your projects. These individuals have the most knowledge and experience working in the platform that is specific to your needs, bringing a higher level of expertise just for you.