Defining your website goals and strategies

As a best practice, as with any strategic item in business, you should define goals for your website. Defining goals will assist in determining if your site can meet these goals or if your site needs to be structured differently.


Website Design- does your website make you happy?

Are you comfortable with your site and the message that it provides to your site visitors? If you visited your website for the first time, would you be able to find relevant information?  Would you want to find out more about your company?  Do you think that your current website design provides your users with easy to find information or provides them with obstacles and causes frustration?

Social Media Adventure, the conclusion

Over the past several months, I posted a few articles relating to strategies and establishing a social media goal and presence. These were under the title of the Social Media Adventure. While the information contained within these articles are relevant and useful to beginning with social media you will still need to plan for your overall success.

Vendor outsourcing, is this for you?

With the current economy and the need to reduce overhead costs it may be a good idea to begin considering outsourcing your web project needs to a vendor/consultant.

Personalized URL’s, Can they work?

Back in November, I posted information regarding Cross Media Campaigns and the use of personalized touches and PURL’s within the Campaign.

Today I came across a post by  Heidi Tolliver on The Digital Nirvana site called Guaranteeing the Success of Personalized URLs  I thought the post was interesting and worth a follow up.  The article has good information as does the comments posted.