Could Social Media have helped?

In 2008, we experienced an unbelievable financial roller coaster.  We won’t even get into how this affected all of us personally, but I thought to take a look at the companies that it did affect and their involvement in social media.

In 2008, companies such as Circuit City, Sharper Image, Lenox Group, Inc., Mervyns, CompUSA, KB Toys, Linens ‘n things and Value City filed for bankruptcy.  While the economy was in turmoil and affecting these companies, could social media involvement through Twitter helped these companies in gaining recognition and loyalty in the consumers?

Social Media Adventure-Continued

Last month I decided to begin a Social Media Adventure by starting with a new company that did not have a web presence.  Well, the one company has turned into several and everything has become so very exciting.

The tools and tips in the first two posts were definitely the starting points.  The referenced sites and materials which are included in the first two posts are definitely worth a visit and read.  Click here to return to the first post and here to return to the second post.

The beginning of the adventure

The beginning of my social media adventure includes working with my client on their website and marketing goals.  Outlining the goals are an important step in this process and helps define the strategy going forward.  Goals should include:

• Overall goal of the website – is the site to increase membership, increase product sales, increase attendance at meetings/classes, provide information to users (members and non-members), establish client as a source of knowledge in their vertical market, etc.

• Based upon the goals above, how will the information be shared to the users?  As an example, if the client wants to establish them as a source of knowledge, do they currently have a blog, rss, newsletter, etc.? If not, then this would be a goal to establish for the new site.

• Content – what type of content/navigational options will be available on the site? This will help determine the site structure and if forums, blogs, wiki’s, etc. should be options for the new site. 

• User Interaction – how much interaction with the content would the client want the users to have? 

After the goals were identified, my next step was to review their current site and make recommendations on changes/alterations. In my review of the site, I found the site slow, content and direction needing help, and SEO (search engine optimization) issues.

Since the goal of this client is to increase web awareness, traffic and sales, we decided to change the site and go with Web 2.0 strategies.  Over the past few days I’ve been working on setting the site up using WordPress, transferring domains, organizing content, etc.   As a side note, I am really loving WordPress – so easy to set up sites to include content pages, forms, etc.  […]

Social Media Adventure

A little over a month ago, I started my journey into Social Media.  I knew all about Facebook and LinkedIn, had accounts and had friends and contacts. This was going well. Along came my introduction into Twitter. What was Twitter? What was the point of posting what I was doing, thinking, etc. on Twitter? What are followers and who are these people? Why would they follow me? Admittedly, I was Twitter challenged.