The U.S. Postal Service announced on Wednesday 8/5, a loss of $2.4 billion in its third quarter which is contributed by the drop in mail volume during the third quarter by 7 billion pieces, or over 14 percent, compared to last year.

On the other side of the fence however, the electronic/digital world is seeing an increase in the number of social media users and companies using social media for marketing purposes.  As reported as recently as last month, Social Media sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter continue to see an increase in new users, from approximately 10M to 20M unique users year over year respectively.  Check out the article found on related to Twitter and Social Media Growth.

Is electronic marketing the wave of the here, now and the future? Based upon recent polls taken earlier this year by that includes the following findings, Social Media outlets are definitely the way that the masses are using to market and reach their audience.  Sources being used the most are indicated below:

* Blogging (34%)
* Microblogging (Twitter) (29%)
* Search engine optimization (28%)
* Social network participation (Facebook, LinkedIn) (26%)
* Email marketing (17%)
* Social media monitoring & outreach (17%)
* Pay per click (14%)
* Blogger relations (12%)
* Video marketing (10%)
* Social media advertising (7%)

In essence, do you have an electronic/digital marketing plan in place?  If not, this should be reviewed as a viable alternative to traditional printed marketing pieces and include a strategy and marketing goals in order to track and see your RIO.

If you’re not there yet, you need to be. The world is changing and evolving each and every day. To stay ahead you need to play ahead and have a plan/strategy that rivals your competitors and keeps you on top and in the forefront of your industry.

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