Building your brand from internal resources

When building and maintaining your brand, internal resources such as your employees are valuable assets since they are on the front line and communicate with your customers on a day-to-day basis.  Employee respect of the company and brand will go a long way to ensuring that your message is conveyed to your customers.

Twitter your Meeting

Twitter is a great way to generate interest, awareness and keep everyone up-to-date on your meeting events.

With a few quick steps, you can keep everyone connected and the interest flying throughout the meeting.

Surviving in a Challenging Economy – Social Networking

One of the most powerful marketing techniques in today’s challenging economy is networking.  As reported by the Neilsen’s Global Online Consumer Survey recently, 90% of 25,000 consumers surveyed reported that they trusted recommendations from people they knew vs. online search results.

These are powerful results and only proves that networking is the key to any successful person or organization.

Strategic Client and Member List Building

Whether you are building a client contact list or a member list there are a few key points to take into consideration to help increase the value of your list.

Most member and client contact lists contain one contact for each company. Why is this?  What if that contact moves to another company, leaves the job, is fired, etc.? Who do you contact then?

Direct Mail Marketing in the Association Industry & Membership Trends

I recently came across a survey report that was generated by Marketing General Inc.  They conducted a survey, of over 500 association professionals on the best tactics and strategies found to have positive results in engaging new members, renewing existing members, and reinstating former members.

The survey is comprehensive and contains a wealth of information that includes some of the higher level points below as well as results and graphics that display: How Prospective Members become aware of the Association, How do Associations Allocate Marketing Dollars and What Best Describes your Marketing Approaches and Results. This is just some of the information contained within the survey. Visit Marketing General Inc. to download and receive your copy of the survey.  You’ll need to give up your email address but definitely worth it.

Some of the information contained within the report includes:

Most associations report continued membership growth – 46% of the associations reported that have seen their total membership grow with 54% of this growth contributed to new members.

Direct mail has been found to be the most effective channel for recruiting members with a listing/ranking of the most effective as:

Direct Mail 46%
Member get a Member and WOMM 32%
Email 24%
Promotion at Own Conference 15%
Personal Sales 11%

Of note also is that associations who use direct mail as a recruitment channel also are more likely to report membership renewal rates of over 80% compared to those who do not.

Giving a first year membership/dues discount is the most effective incentive – Of those who reported offering a new member dues discount, 75% had renewal rates of over 80% and 25% under 80%.

A personal approach to new members was used and below are the top 10 methods:

Mailed Welcome Kit
Email Welcome
Membership […]