Project Description

APIC Text Online Custom Design and Developed CMS

I2TS and APIC (Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc.) worked together to bring the APIC Text manuals to an online version which increases the accessibility of this information-rich resource.

The site features chapter centric functionality, which enables users to view the Table of Contents and access the abstract for each chapter. Users must either log in with their APIC Membership or purchase a subscription to the APIC Text Online to view the sections of each chapter.

Core features and functionality include:

  • Custom Content Management System – APIC Administrative Users can log into the custom developed content management system, update their profile, add content to existing pages and chapters, create new navigation either in the top navigation bar or bottom of page area, create new chapters, sections and pages and re-order the display of the new and/or existing navigation and chapters. The content management system features a WYSIWYG editor, enabling the user to enter content similar to Microsoft Word, apply formatting, upload images, embed video links/scripts, etc.
  • Users who visit the site can view the Table of Contents and Abstracts for each Chapter of the APIC Text Online but will be required to either Log In with their APIC Member information or Subscribe to access the APIC Text Online Content. The site interacts with the APIC Membership Database (iMIS Membership Database) to verify user authentication for current and newly subscribing users.  Once the user logs in and/or successfully purchases a subscription, they can access the multiple chapters and content of the site, print sections of a chapter, search the APIC Text Online and expand the font size of the page they are viewing.
  • The site includes security features which prevents users from copying/cutting/downloading content/images from the website pages, prevents multiple users with the same username/password from logging in at the same time and automatically logs off a user within a set time frame if the user fails to log out of the site when exiting.
  • Enables users to print a section of a chapter that they are currently viewing, increase/decrease the font size on a page and email the page to another user.
  • Search is a keyword search which returns results based upon the number of times the word or phrase entered was found within a section of the site.  The results include a brief sample of the content where the word or phrase was found for the user to view before selecting and enables the user to have the results include and exclude the Supplemental Resources or References.
  • Search Engine Optimization – the site was developed to include SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features which includes allowing/enabling the site administrator to create the url string when content is entered. This allows for the administrator to target the url sting to key words of the content, thus creating a higher return rate in search engines.
  • Scalability – site is designed and developed to be viewed/function on PC and MAC platforms with Web Browsers IE 7.0 and higher, Firefox 2.0 and higher and Chrome.


The senior staff presentation was great — they loved the look, the functionality and how “professional” it seemed.  They were very impressed with the site!“ Nick Hill, Associate Director, Product Development, APIC[/callout2]