Project Description

GreenBook Blog Customized WordPress Site

Isis Internet Technology Solutions has had the pleasure working with GreenBook for several years on various types of projects. For this particular project, we partnered with GreenBook to custom design and develop a WordPress site that provides content to their highly visible Marketing Audience.

This site was their initial voyage into the blog world and needed specific branding and functionality that would present GreenBook with the opportunity to provide original insight into the challenges faced by the market research industry. How was this accomplished?

  • We took an existing WordPress theme and made it “GreenBook Branded”. What does this mean? Sometimes, it’s not necessary to re-invent the wheel if there is an existing circle. We used an existing theme and changed/updated where necessary (look, feel, colors and layout) to meet the brand standards. The design brand has since been used for multiple GreenBook outlets going forward.
  • We customized WordPress where necessary to add the desired functionality. This included reviewing/adding plugins then adding to/editing/tweaking so that the plugin provides the desired functionality.
  • The search results are customized
  • The banner advertising provides certain sized slots and the ability to assign banners by page (or area)
  • Widget (sidebar) area is customized to allow for widgets to be assigned by page (or area)
  • Navigation Menu has been set up to allow for the hierarchy and secondary menus with both internal and external site linking
  • Includes custom newsletter sign up code from an external Email Marketing Source
  • Includes custom Google Search code and results display

The results – The site, has become well known in the marketing industry for providing expert information and insight innovation into Marketing and related topics.