Project Description

SOPHE Community and Survey Customization

SOPHE was in need of a community web portal that would allow their members to access, post and discuss topics and information from their various Communities of Practice. A Community web module based on the DotNetNuke platform was developed that includes customized features to further enhance the community/member experience. The community module features:

  • Single Sign on- users log into the site and can easily navigate to the SOPHE Community site without having to log in again. This ensures that members are receiving a “single sign on” experience to navigate through the two sites seamlessly.
  • Join specific Communities of Practice Groups and participate in discussions, forums, events, document sharing and strategizing with peers.
  • View group specific information and files relative to your areas of interest.
  • Elect to receive or not, email updates from other group members.
  • Survey – a survey module was developed that allows the SOPHE Administrator to create specialized surveys, add customized response features such as email address authentication against member database, custom reports and customized email to survey recipients.  The custom surveys can be used for capture a wide range or reporting needs and data from general quick survey type of questions to the more complicated survey which could include various segments, topics and question/answer types (business needs type of surveys or annual reporting collection information).