Project Description

SOPHE Custom Developed CMS with Single Sign On

I2TS and Slice Design partnered to design and develop a new web site for SOPHE that is innovative and provides a dynamic site that will enhance the organization’s visibility and presence.

To meet these needs, I2TS utilized the core structure of a ColdFusion Content Management System (Savvy) for the structure, then customized the layout based upon the designs supplied by Slice Designs.  While the CMS allows the client to log into the admin and add/edit and update content to the pages similar to a standard CMS system, we’ve added customization which allows:

  • Members to log into the site and navigate through pages that can be flagged as member only in the CMS system and navigate to an off site member only system. This is done through an authentication processes that passes the member authentication between the two systems behind the scenes in real time seamlessly.
  • The custom admin also features the ability to upload and classify documents as Library items (member and non-member access to supporting documentation).
  • Create newsletters and submit to members via HTML email notification.
  • Search Engine Optimization through meta tag and meta keywords for each page as well as the url structure.
  • Site Search which returns results based upon number of times term or word found within a document.
  • Scalability – site is designed and developed to be viewed/function on PC and MAC platforms with Web Browsers IE 7.0 and higher, Firefox 2.0 and higher and Chrome.

This was only the beginning SOPHE. A community module was then developed to work in tandem with their new web presence. The community module was developed utilizing DotNetNuke and includes the following customized features:

  • Single Sign on- users log into the site and can easily transfer to the SOPHE Community site without having to log in again. This ensures that members are receiving a “single flow” experience to navigate through the two sites seamlessly.
  • Survey – a survey module was developed that allows the SOPHE Administrator to create specialized surveys, add customized response features such as email address authentication against member database, custom reports and selection and custom email of survey recipients.  The custom surveys can be used for capture a wide range or reporting needs and data.