The social media adventure and determination of best practices continues.  The best practices are what I’ve found works for me when starting a company out in Social Media.

The previous posts about the adventure, The beginning of the adventure, and Social Media Adventure-Continued, include tips and strategies that I’ve been using to assist these companies with social media.

While some progress has been a little slower than others due to schedules, vacations, holidays, etc., we are making progress and show an increase in followers in the Twitter accounts and interest in the companies.  Interest is also peaking in the upper level management segment and resources are becoming available.  Progress is a wonderful thing.

While we continue to go through the strategies and organize the posts and information that will be available for these companies, some useful and fun information that I’ve found is included below:

A great resource for information on Twitter for Non-profits can be found on Twitip at:

Tweet this post without the plugin from John Chow – great tool –

Building Your Twitter Network –