One of the most powerful marketing techniques in today’s challenging economy is networking.  As reported by the Neilsen’s Global Online Consumer Survey recently, 90% of 25,000 consumers surveyed reported that they trusted recommendations from people they knew vs. online search results.

These are powerful results and only proves that networking is the key to any successful person or organization.

Networking does take time and effort and can be done using a few different mediums. These could include:

Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.  Get your name and organization out there in the mainstream and interacting with clients, consumers or people with the same interests;

Blogging/Website – Keep your website content updated and have a blog where you provide your users with relevant and useful information;

Groups – Join Groups and interact. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn all provide Groups that you can view/join and meet and interact with people within the group;

Organizations – Join Organizations that are of interest to you or your organization. Take some time and attend the events that they offer and meet/mingle with the other members;

RSS Feeds and Blog Updates – Subscribe to your favorite websites or blogs RSS feeds so that you are kept up-to-date with the latest and greatest news.  Comment on the posts and interact with the other subscribers when able.

The key to networking is creating friends and fans that would recommend you to their fans and friends.  Meeting these friends/fans does require time, but worth the effort.  Take a minute and say hello.