I recently attended a Webinar sponsored by What They Think.com titled “Q2 Economic Webinar with Dr. Joe Webb”.

The webinar focused on the current economic standings of the printing industry and future forecasts. It comes as no surprise to anyone that that the printing and publishing industry as a whole are feeling the effects of the economy. Year over Year employment has dropped on average 12.5% for printing production and 8.8% for publishers.

The American Association of Printers says that digital media generated $113million in 2008 which is an increase of 68.4% over previous years.  All published content can basically fit into the digital media market. Companies are transitioning to digital media more and more and providing their content to their users/members, etc, via electronic mediums vs. traditional print mediums.

I thought this was very interesting in light of the technologies that are available today and the need for users to access information quickly via electronic mediums. This just proves that we are in the digital/electronic world and companies are transitioning to meet the consumer needs more and more each day.

What is digital media?
Digital media is a term that relates to supplying files electronically to users. This can be via PDF download, PageFlip Technologies, print on demand, or the ever increasing popular e-books for readers such as the Kindle, Sony, iPhone, etc.

As more and more companies address the need for digital media and devices become available to enable users to download content, e-books become more and more popular.  As an example of this, with the Amazon Kindle, Barron’s reports that Collins Stewart analyst expects the Kindle e-book to generate $310 million in 2009 and $2B by 2012
– In June, the Kindle store offered 297,000 book titles, vs. 285,000 in May.
– Amazon expects textbooks to be available via the Kindle in August 2009. Amazing that we are transitioning into electronic textbooks as well.

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Why transition into the e-book market?

  • Book publishers and clients need the option of providing their materials in this medium
  • Reduces print costs
  • Many formats are needed to be available for the users (PDF, Kindle formatted, Sony formatted, etc.)
  • Part of overall new media effort in mobile marketing – this is the future

With Digital Media, you can keep your organization in the forefront of providing content to your clients while keeping your name and brand ahead of the competition.