Twitter is a great way to generate interest, awareness and keep everyone up-to-date on your meeting events.

With a few quick steps, you can keep everyone connected and the interest flying throughout the meeting.

  1. Set up a twitter account – if your company or association doesn’t already have a Twitter account, go to and set one up. It’s quick, easy and free.
  2. Create a customized background – This only takes a few moments and if you don’t have an in-house staff that can  help, there are plenty of resources available for a quick/customized background.  You can find more information on Twitter backgrounds by visiting
  3. Establish a Hashtag for the meeting – Hashtags are a tool for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets. You create a hashtag simply by prefixing a word with a hash symbol: #hashtag.  Anyone can add the hashtag to their twitter post and this then allows anyone to click on the hashtag or search by the hashtag to view what is being posted.  This is a great way to allow people who are at the meeting to communicate with each other, post important information about the meeting and events/schedule for attendees to see, and/or allow people who are not at the meeting to see what attendees are posting on Twitter from the meeting.
  4. Advertise your Twitter Page and Hashtag on your Website and Meeting Materials. Get the word out via your Meeting Materials that you have established a Twitter page and hashtag for the meeting.  Include this information on your website, the attendees confirmation emails when they register, any notices that are posted about the meeting, etc.

Start Tweeting and get the buzz going about the meeting.