According to Nielsen Wire Fact Sheet, 31% of the US population uses Smartphones and 83.2M people are mobile web phone users.  See Nielsens Fast Facts below and here for more information.

Fast Facts:

  • Average Number of TVs per U.S. Household: 2.5
  • Percentage of Americans with 4 or more TVs: 31%
  • Number of Mobile Phone Users (13+): 228M
  • Percentage of U.S. Mobile Subscribers with Smartphones: 31%
  • Number of mobile phone web users: 83.2M

The question is, how are you communicating to get your message across to those who whose smartphones quickly and easily?  The newest and easiest way to provide your contact data, information, directions, coupons, etc. is through 2D QR barcodes.

A 2D QR barcode are a particular implementation of 2D barcode, designed for quick decoding – QR stands for Quick Response. QR Codes can be printed on business cards, encoded with contact cards, or included in advertising such as print or electronic (email) and used to deliver a web address to interested parties via mobile phone. QR Codes can also be delivered digitally, on the internet or television. QR Code reading software is available for most modern mobile phones which feature cameras, and comes pre-installed on many newer models.   You can visit your smartphones app store and download barcode scanners both free and paid.

The benefit of having the scanner is that retailers and advertisers are using the QR codes more and more in magazines, billboard advertisements, retail shops, and online to present coupons, directions and updates to their companies and offers.

Having a QR barcode yourself is also a great idea so people can easily load your vcard (contact information), easily connect to your social media outlets or provides you with a creative opportunity to pass along a discount to members or users via email marketing.

Think about sending an email marketing message out to new subscribers or members that has a QR barcode included.  The subscriber/member can scan the barcode and receive a coupon code that that they can use online to purchase a product or discounted membership or they can bring the coupon into a store with them for a discount.  You can print QR barcodes and place around your business for users to scan and bring into your location or scan and map your location.

The possibilities with the barcodes are endless.  If you need help creating a barcode, let us know, if not the tools are available via the internet and start creating and passing along barcodes to speed up socializing with your peers!!

Here are some barcodes for you to try out:

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