Customer Management

What is a customer and how important are they to you?

Would a vendor, a consultant, a client, a project manager, a consumer and a business owner be considered a customer and important to your organization?


Customer Service and the Impact on Sales

It amazes me how little large, well known companies focus on customer service.  Is this because they feel that their name is branded and that they’ll receive sales regardless of their customer service or because they just don’t care that you’re spending your hard earned money at their company?

Smartphones & staying in touch with groups/members

The cell phone industry is growing daily with new types of cell phones (called smartphones), applications and new technologies that enable us to stay in contact easily with this very portable device.  As the HTC “You” commercial says, it’s the first thing we see in the morning, it is always within arms reach and the last thing we see at night.

Building your brand from internal resources

When building and maintaining your brand, internal resources such as your employees are valuable assets since they are on the front line and communicate with your customers on a day-to-day basis.  Employee respect of the company and brand will go a long way to ensuring that your message is conveyed to your customers.

Strategic Client and Member List Building

Whether you are building a client contact list or a member list there are a few key points to take into consideration to help increase the value of your list.

Most member and client contact lists contain one contact for each company. Why is this?  What if that contact moves to another company, leaves the job, is fired, etc.? Who do you contact then?