Customer Service

What is a customer and how important are they to you?

Would a vendor, a consultant, a client, a project manager, a consumer and a business owner be considered a customer and important to your organization?


Is a community for you?

Communities offer a wide range of functionality from Community groups within an organization that can interact amongst the group members themselves, to a larger scale communities which includes forums, blogs, and community member interaction.

By creating a community, you have the ability to not only reach your target audience and encourage the interaction listed above, but establish yourself as a leader and a thoughtful innovator of customer service and relations.


Customer Service and the Impact on Sales

It amazes me how little large, well known companies focus on customer service.  Is this because they feel that their name is branded and that they’ll receive sales regardless of their customer service or because they just don’t care that you’re spending your hard earned money at their company?

Defining yourself as a “Value-Added” Source

What is “Value-Added”?  According to Wikipedia, “Value Added refers to the additional value of a commodity over the cost of commodities used to produce it from the previous stage of production …”

Enough of the technical definition – What is Value Added and how can this be of benefit?  Value Added is defining yourself as being a value to your client.

Making those difficult project decisions

At some time during your management experience, you’ve probably had that web site project that just won’t end.  The project scope changed about a dozen times throughout the project and although completed and launched, just can’t quite get to the final project sign off.  What do you do?

Good customer service practice says you keep at it until the customer is satisfied. But are you and the customer really putting the necessary effort into the project at this stage?