Working at home & finding balance

Finding “balance” when working from home is one of the most difficult challenges for the home work force.  By “balance” I mean finding the balance between “work” and “personal” time.

For a lot of people, working from home sounds like the “dream job”.  Get up whenever you want to, stroll down the hall to your “office”, stay in you PJ’s all day long, take lunch whenever, work whenever, and get all of your personal chores done during the day.  Life is great working from home.

Electronic Marketing & Social Media

Are you ready to market your company in today’s technology and social media stream? Based upon recent results, the average consumer and business is no longer using mail to deliver messages and engage consumers. Recent results posted by the USPS show a steady decline in mail volume over the previous three years results with a projected 10 Million piece decline from 2009 to 2010.

To do or not to do Social Media?

This is a common question among many organizations and associations.  Should you become involved in Social Media as a company or not? The biggest challenge faced by associations is time and staff.  Everyone has had to cut staff and/or take on multiple responsibilities over the past year or so and no one  has the time to add another responsibility.  Social Media involvement does take a commitment whether from one or multiple staff members.

There are a few ways that involvement can be addressed that may fit into your company strategy and profile.

Customer Service and the Impact on Sales

It amazes me how little large, well known companies focus on customer service.  Is this because they feel that their name is branded and that they’ll receive sales regardless of their customer service or because they just don’t care that you’re spending your hard earned money at their company?

Smartphones & staying in touch with groups/members

The cell phone industry is growing daily with new types of cell phones (called smartphones), applications and new technologies that enable us to stay in contact easily with this very portable device.  As the HTC “You” commercial says, it’s the first thing we see in the morning, it is always within arms reach and the last thing we see at night.