How would Social Media and Smartphones be affecting Carrie Bradshaw and the girls in Sex and the City?

Would they be sitting in the Coffee Shop talking about posts from friends on Facebook and Twitter vs. their life’s issues?  Would Samantha be a YouTube phenom with videos of her exploits? Would Carrie be a blogger who could write more than one column a week?

I found myself watching an episode of Sex and the City while at the gym one day on the treadmill and it amazed me how far we’ve come in such a short time and how Social Media and technology has affected how we interact with each other.

Only a few short years ago, we were talking face to face to each other, meeting for coffee, dinner and talking on the phone about our days and adventures.  We laughed together, conversed about something important or silly and usually ended the conversation on a good note feeling more relaxed that we had the time to interact with a friend.

Today, we post information via Facebook and Twitter and for most of us, this is our main source of communicating to our network of friends and family.  There’s even a car that will give you your Facebook status updates as you drive.  (Honestly, is this really necessary?)

How many times have you been out to lunch, dinner or shopping and have seen other people with their Smart Phones and iPads watching/checking for updates or sending status updates or texts?

Technology is great, wonderful and absolutely amazing.  I for one love, love, love my iPhone and iPad and admittedly, do take them with me with I go places.  But I focus on the people that I’m with and having conversations, enjoying our time together.  The technology is there should we decide to look something up or decide to change locations or directions but it isn’t the focus.

So, what would Carrie Bradshaw and the girls be doing with today’s technology?  I’d like to think that they’d still be meeting in the Coffee Shop to talk about their lives and share the days events with each other.  Posting status updates can wait until they are home.

What do you think?  How has Social Media affected how you used to interact with friends and family?