Would a vendor, a consultant, a client, a project manager, a consumer and a business owner be considered a customer and important to your organization?

The answer? A big YES! Here’s how the above functions would be customers and extremely important to your continued business success:

As a vendor & consultant you provide goods and services to a client, however based upon your client relationship, the vendor or consultant could also be a consumer & marketing source to friends, family and other business contacts.

Clients and Consumers are the customer and purchase or pay/contract with you for your goods and services. Clients and Consumers can also be your best free marketers as they recommended you to their peers and continue to use and contract your services.

A Project Manager is also a customer as they not only represent you and your organization (an internal customer), but also establishes the client relationship which is invaluable.

A Business Owner, whether the client, vendor or consultant are all customers and not only have the final say in relationship and continued contracts / services but can also be invaluable in marketing your services via their peers and social media.

In essence, each and everyone that you have contact with throughout your day is a customer to you in some form and are invaluable to your organization. Relationships and marketing through word of mouth and social media can sustain or break any business.

Take care of your customers and treat them as you’d like and expect to be treated. This will ensure top level customer satisfaction and continued growth for you and your organization.